Top 5 Crypto Courses for Beginners with Insane Potential

Sep 23, 2022

Our world is changing drastically and everything is shifting towards digitization. But how do you keep up and know how to differentiate between what is legit and what’s a scam? 

Blockchain is introducing revolutionary concepts that can help you make money, chase a new career or stay up to date with the latest trends in a fastly emerging and evolving technology. 

Learning about crypto is a priority to profit from it and become relevant in the modern age. 

But where can I learn about crypto and blockchain? 

There are tons of free resources online that offer information about Web3, but the accuracy and quality of the information might come into question. 

This article will discuss 5 of the best courses online through which you can learn about crypto and change your life by joining the Web3 revolution!

So what makes a GREAT Crypto Course?

Crypto is an ample space with many sub-niches, and it is essential to learn about the following to understand crypto. Below are just some of the many sub-niches such as: 

  1. Blockchain technology.
  2. Smart contracts.
  3. Traditional finance.
  4. Decentralized finance.
  5. Metaverse
  6. Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) 
  7. Wallets 
  8. Trading Altcoins (should you want to invest in crypto) 

Any course that covers these topics is going to be helpful for foundational knowledge. Some options focus on one topic only and discuss it thoroughly. For the purpose of this article, you will learn about the courses covering Web3 from A to Z!

#5 - Whiteboard Crypto 

Nobody beats those guys when it comes to simplifying crypto and demystifying the big complicated words!

Their videos cover everything from What is blockchain to the latest Tornado Cash incident. 

The videos are engaging, simple and easy to understand 

The content is free and available on youtube for you to enjoy!


If you want to go beyond the free content and start learning about trading and how to earn money from defi protocols, then you may want to consider signing up for their whiteboardcrypto club, where you will 

  1. Join a community of fellow crypto enthusiasts. 
  2. Participate in weekly live streams and share ideas with the founders.
  3. Gain access to premium and exclusive content. 
  4. Learn about potential new projects with low market cap and huge growth potential.

You can pay either $29/month or $297/year. 

The only downside is that there isn’t an exact breakdown of what exactly to expect to receive by paying the premium subscription. Nevertheless, the free channel is live proof that these guys really know their stuff!

#4 - AltcoinResearch

Founded by Mubarak Shah, CPA, AltcoinResearch is a goldmine for crypto resources. 

Mubarak Shah comes from a traditional finance background with extensive experience in the current financial system and this is one of the reasons why his course ended up on this list. When he adopted crypto, he knew exactly how it could improve the current system. 

Mubarak also had a successful venture 8 years ago in the stock market with his startup Inpennystock, breaking down the stock market in simple terms and helping new traders make money trading penny stocks. 

As a successful trader who successfully traded both the stock and the crypto markets, he seeks to share his knowledge with his students through Altcoinresearch.

The courses offered through the platform cover almost everything anyone needs to learn about crypto 

  • Educational content on cryptocurrencies, blockchains and web3.
  • Ultimate trading course that helps new traders become profitable in 6 weeks. 
  • Research methodologies that help newcomers spot potential altcoins with potential. 

The platform also includes a package for companies and entities wanting to educate their teams about crypto, which is a fantastic feature. 

Signing up costs $77/month and includes a 7-day free trial. It also includes: 

  1. Access to over 250 crypto trading videos.
  2. Private access to a Facebook group for one on one calls and chats.
  3. Email support and follow-up.
  4. Constant access to new content being added to the platform!
  5. Price alerts for altcoins.


#3 - The Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course

This course is designed to turn you into a profitable trading guru while arming you with the knowledge you need to prepare perfect trading setups and execute perfect exits. 

It will teach you how to predict market moves and stay relevant to the market trend to make consistent profits. 

This course is focused purely on trading and profiting off cryptocurrencies. Remember that it doesn’t include educational content about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

For $199, you get access to the complete cryptocurrency trading course. If you use the special code (best-choice), you can get a massive discount on the course and add-ons at a fraction of the original price. Each add-on is $199, but using the discount code will make you pay only $9.95 for the course. You will also pay $9.95 per add-on!

The add-ons are as follows:

  1. The advanced cryptocurrency trading course.   
  2. Cryptocurrency trading masterclass.
  3. Cryptocurrency Trading Bootcamp.
  4. Technical analysis mastery for cryptocurrency trading.
  5. Candlestick trading mastery for cryptocurrency trading.
  6. Fibonacci trading masterclass.
  7. Bollinger bands trading masterclass.
  8. Cryptocurrency trading- futures trading boot camp.
  9. 1-year dedicated learning support from professionals offering constant guidance. ($19/year and not included in the discount) 

This makes the entire bargain just for $108.55, including the 1-year dedicated learning support. Make sure you grab that discount while it lasts! 

#2 - Cryptocurrency Investment Course: Fund Your Retirement by Suppoman on Udemy.

There is no doubt that Udemy is that to-go-to platform for a course just about anything. In Web3, Udemy still got your back! 

The course is designed for total beginners to help them become experts in the field. It is regularly updated and was updated on earlier this year.

The course covers: 

  1. Basic understanding of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Wallets. 
  3. Buying & selling on Binance. 
  4. 7 criteria for identifying profitable coins and projects with the potential to grow in the industry.
  5. Metaverse 
  6. Gamefi 
  7. Meme coins 
  8. Defi
  9. IDO (Initial DEX offering) 

The course is designed for users looking to understand the space, grow their investments and learn about trading. If you seek a better understanding of blockchain technology and its workings, this course is for you! 

Top companies like Nasdaq, VolksWagen and NetApp offer this course to their employees1 

You can grab this course via Udemy for $129.99. Keep an eye on discounts because sometimes you can grab it at the 10th of that price! 

# 1 - Crypto Investor Course by James from MoneyZG

Number one on the list is the Crypto investor course by MoneyZG

James, an ex-stock exchange trader from London, designed this crypto course. 

Like Whiteboard Crypto, he has his own Youtube channel where he produces premium content. The good thing is that you can try the free channel. 

Should you like the content, you can signup for the premium course. You can also join Discord should you have any questions.

The course offers access to more than 100 videos discussing everything you need to know about crypto. 

  1. Introduction on how to use the course.
  2. Crypto educational content.
  3. Extensive tokenomics chapter.
  4. How to do your own research.
  5. Ultimate trading guide.
  6. NFTs 
  7. Wallets.
  8. Defi.
  9. Investing.
  10. How to manage your portfolio.
  11.  Consumer guides about various products such as coinmarketcap and, among others.
  12.  Options.
  13.  Futures.
  14.  Updates & Research.

In addition to that, all future content will be free for existing users. The course is for a flat rate of $199, giving lifetime access to subscribers. 

James regularly posts market updates on the Youtube channel. He is also active on the Discord channel in addition to Twitter.

Cryptocurrency courses can be a life-changing tool that offers an alternative to the regular 9-5 lifestyle.

  • If you want to work in the crypto industry, these courses can offer you the information you need to get a headstart and have a competitive edge. 
  • If you want to trade the crypto market, crypto courses will help you make a profit using tried and tested strategies that work. 
  • If you are just in crypto for fun and seek some educational content, most of these courses will work for you too! 

Whatever your decision, the most important thing is that you have to work on yourself and build some discipline to see the best results while using these courses.

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