Top 3 Crypto Trading Discords To Know in 2022

Sep 25, 2022

If you ask anybody about crypto, they will probably mention the crazy returns we’ve all seen over the last decades. Everybody witnessed BTC’s bull run from $3000 to $69000 in 2021, but how did people benefit from that? 

The answer is trading! 

Trading is the essence of the Web3 space. Trading is the buying and selling of different assets through an exchange, profiting from the price differences. For instance, buying BTC at $3000 and selling it at $69000 gives you a profit of $66000 and is considered trading.


Trading isn’t simple and requires…

  • Keeping up with the latest updates in the crypto and financial industries. 
  • Significant knowledge of technical analysis. 
  • Solid understanding of what exactly you are trading.
  • High level of familiarity with trading charts.
  • An eye capable of spotting trends, be it upwards or downwards. 

One of the best ways to profit in trading is by subscribing to a premium Discord service where trading signals and valuable information are shared to guide the way for traders. 

This article will describe the top 3 trading discord servers, listing their perks and what you will be paying.

#3 - Elite Crypto Signals 

This server offers elite crypto signals. It’s been around since 2018, and many of its members have been in the crypto business since 2012. They have over 27k members on their discord. 

You can get explore the free Discord and review the testimonials. 

If you want to go premium, here are your options  

  • Premium for $40/1 month.
  • Premium for $60/3 months. 
  • Premium for lifetime $80.

All options offer the same services.

  1. Daily market updates.
  2. 2 daily market signals per day with a total of 60/month.
  3. A community where you can chat with others and share your thoughts.
  4. Guidance from professional traders with extensive experience. 

The alerts for this server only work on Binance, Coinbase pro and Kucoin as per their website.

The lifetime deal is attractive and can be a perfect ROI, provided the signals are accurate. It’s only for one payment of $80

#2 - CryptoHub

This is the most famous suggestion for crypto traders. It has a lot of varieties and the free Discord actually offers services such as 

  1. Trading signals (not premium these are by other members like you) 
  2. Extensive crypto guides.
  3. An entire section where crypto nerds can meet and chat with a large community, as the server has 17k plus members.
  4. Important information on cold wallets, taxes, VPNs, exchanges and trading view guides! 
  5. There is a HODL section for those who are not interested in professional trading. 

If you decide to take up their offer, you will get this. 

  1. Access to expert tips from the founders themselves (They have the founders publicly displayed on their website)
  2. Premium Short/long-term signals.
  3. Monthly/quarterly reports from Cryptohub’s experts about crypto. 
  4. Exclusive courses to educate you more about Defi, layer1/2, NFTs and the metaverse.
  5. Early announcement on promising airdrops in the space. 

You can either subscribe from the website or through the Discord server and the options are 

  1. Monthly bill of $120 
  2. Annual bill of $1000 

#1 - Eztrades 

This discord server is an entire community on its own. Its most significant merit is allowing you to join a free discord to vet the members for yourself before taking up their premium offer. The server has more than 3000 users. 

The free discord is where you can 

  • Observing and learning from professional traders on the server. 
  • Join the general chat channel to chat with professional traders and ask all the questions you want 
  • Participate in trading workshops where you can learn about trade setups
  • Learn about some free trade setups from the crypto signal channel 
  • Study some technical analysis with professional traders in the TA education channel 
  •  You can stay up to date with the latest on-chain data through the on-chain-data channel 
  • Keep up with whale alerts as it is connected to their free Discord 

Once you make up your mind to go premium here are your options. 

You go here to signup. 

They have a buy & sell algorithm, which according to the results & feedback, is pretty accurate. It’s called Ezalgo and the signup options are as follows. 

Premium $59/month 

  1. Access to the premium Discord server.
  2. Access to Ezalgo technical indicator.
  3. Access a private technical analysis discussion channel where you can learn about the latest trends that work according to the market cycle.
  4. Help documents for Ezalgo and a 24-page PDF file on how to profit from Ezalgo and use it consistently. 
  5. Daily market updates and trading setups 

VIP $149/month 

  1. Access to everything in premium plus VIP channels.
  2. Get to chat with and learn from professional traders with more than 30 years of experience in the trading industry.
  3. Accurate signals/alerts.
  4. Live trading discussions where you can observe and learn.

This option will change starting from the 1st of September.

New VIP packages will be available and below is the one for crypto trading for ($199/month)

  1. Day trading account of $2k in size.
  2. Crypto signals factoring in stop-loss and take-profit in addition to entry signals.
  3. Leverage trading recommended per each trade (5-20x) 
  4. Separate channels for limit orders and scalps.
  5. Separate channel for TA and altcoin setups. 
  6. Separate channel for spot trading.
  7. Risk management assessments along the way to ensure sustainable growth of accounts.


The extra $s on the VIP subscription might be a lot for some. However, according to the server’s owner, the experts on the server are unchallengeable. He believes the server will be ranked first in the world in one/two years. 

Try the free signals and trading setups yourself before choosing either option. If it works, signup for the premium and make your way from there.

Crypto Discords can be an excellent option if you want to take on trading as a professional career and improve your trading skills. However, no amount of money or premium subscriptions will help you if you are not. 

  • Persistent. 
  • Highly disciplined.
  • Rational and calm during your trades. 


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