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You want to learn more about crypto, but you are being held back by the fancy vocabulary and "technical jargon"? 

How can you trade crypto when "experts" are throwing around buzzwords like blockchain, smart-contracts, oracles, etc?

Fear not! That's exactly why we made AltcoinResearch; we begin with the basics that you need to know. Our complete library of resources allows you to quickly learn the skills you need at your pace. 

Learn The "Secret" System For Trading Cryptocurrencies + Plus All Trading Strategies For Predicting The Next Market Move With High Accuracy.

  Meet The Instructor    

Mubarak Shah is the founder and owner of InPennyStock & AltcoinResearch (one of the fastest growing educational Penny Stock Trading community sites) teaching over 50,000 students how to get started in the Crypto industry and become a profitable traders.

At InPennyStock, He teaches a diverse array of students (both advanced and new traders) alike,  the most effective and profitable strategies for penny stock trading and goes into depth about the most up-to-date and successful trading methods of the current stock market trend.

Now, Mubarak Shah; CPA of AltCoin Research has transitioned into ICO (Initial Coin Offering) analysis, cryptocurrency trading, altcoin investing, and bitcoin/crypto technical analysis.

Mubarak creates video courses as a basis for a new trader to learn the fundamental strategies of crypto trading, all in one place.

The CHALLENGES of Trading Crypto

  • Volatility (ie. how do I make sure I don't lose my money?). Without proper training, you will be set up to lose money. We'll teach you the methods to set up the proper trades and when to buy.
  • Technical Terms. Without knowing basic definitions, you will not understand the fundamentals. We'll teach you how to understand crypto price charts and when to enter and exit trades profitably. 
  • Timing the Market. The stock market opens and closes. There is a strong sense of predictability with the stock market. Crypto markets never close. Investors from around the world trade crypto around the clock. 
  • Transparency with Crypto Trading Platforms / Exchanges. Some exchanges charge transaction fees, others collect your data. Which exchanges can you trust? 
  • Taxes. Many new investors have no knowledge of crypto tax law. 

You need a guide in your journey of crypto wealth creation. AltCoin Research enables students to overcome these challenges and achieve financial success. 

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What is Crypto Trading?

There is a wide range of options for trading cryptocurrencies. Some platforms offer spot trading, derivatives, and OTC markets focused on retail traders, while others offer quantitative trading for institutions. A few like Binance have a broad series of products for each type of investor.

The different types of trading include: 

1. Spot trading: Crypto spot trading is where traders buy and sell digital assets with the current value as the settlement price. All transactions are made in real-time, your position is affected by the variation of price and the result of your trade comes when you close the position. 

2. Quantitative trading: Quantitative traders typically work in teams or institutions, relying on quantitative analysis and mathematical models to determine probabilities. The mathematical focus enhances data usage for trading and reduces the emotional decision-making factors.

3. Derivative trading: Crypto derivative trading deals with derivative assets, which represent the value of the underlying asset or a set of assets. Derivative trading is typically used for hedging, allowing traders to reduce their risk when exposed to other investments. You don't have to own the underlying assets.

4. OTC trading: Over The Counter Trading is a market traded in a decentralized network of brokers and dealers instead of a centralized exchange. OTC markets usually offer higher liquidity than traditional exchanges.

5. Crypto futures contracts: You can buy and sell Crypto futures Contracts, also known as futures, on Binance and make money in the process. Futures are financial derivative contracts for a specific asset, in this case, crypto, where the parties set an agreed price to buy or sell an asset at a determined date in the future. 

Traders can gain exposure in the crypto space without having to buy and hold the underlying asset. You can also trade futures contracts for specific dates such as monthly or quarterly contracts. 

Learn How to Trade Crypto The Right Way

Legendary investor Warren Buffett once gave his two basic rules for investing. Rule number one: Never lose money. Rule number two: Never forget rule number one. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not. 

You will face big wins and losses when trading or investing in the financial markets. There is no holy grail to always winning in the market or we’d all be rich by now. The real secret is to have a positive win/lose ratio where your wins are more prominent than your losses. Before you start trading with your hard-earned money, you’ll need to learn some of the basics. 

Here are some of the basics you need to know: 

  • Risk management: Knowing how to correctly manage your risk will prevent you from suffering big losses that will put your portfolio at risk. Never go all in! Every expert agrees that traders shouldn’t risk large portions of their portfolios in a single asset. 

  • Keep training: The only way to learn and understand crypto trading is through experience and practice. Try different trading strategies and practice them in demo accounts before using real money.  

Where do I Start Learning More About Crypto?

Education is the most fundamental part of trading. Anyone who wants to start trading cryptocurrencies should learn how to do it the right way. Ethereum, BNB, Dogecoin, or Bitcoin trading can provide you with investing opportunities if you know how to identify the right market conditions and take advantage of them.

ALTCOINRESEARCH is one of the top resources to learn more about trading crypto and the tech behind blockchain and crypto, giving you a holistic understanding of the entire crypto ecosystem and its different assets. 

Another excellent resource for beginners and advanced traders is the VIP COACHING. You’ll find news and updates from the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, plus commentary and opinion pieces about the industry and different assets in the crypto market.

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You see, in the past, I have made money in the Penny Stock Market. I just stayed away from Day Trading but, you have helped me gain the confidence to enter the Day Trading sphere__Kevin C.
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"I had zero knowledge of the topic and learned very is nice and clear, and good presentation."__Danny Zacharias.

Over the past decade, since the introduction of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency trading has gained massive popularity. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to transform the entire financial landscape, even though they are not yet accepted as legal currency in the global economy. For this reason, it is time to adopt them into our lives. Just like all forms of financial trading, cryptocurrency trading demands the appropriate knowledge, abilities, and resources. Blockchain technology, which serves as the basis for the development of cryptocurrencies, has provided investors with fresh opportunities to capitalize.

If you want to trade in the cryptocurrency market, you should make sure you have the necessary analytical skills. It should be noted that cryptocurrencies are riskier and more volatile than regular financial instruments. With the help of this certification, Cryptocurrency Traders will gain in-depth practical knowledge of how trading works. As a New Trader, you will have the advantage of understanding how the market performs, which will help you make better decisions while investing and trading.


AltCoin Research certification helps individuals establish their sound Cryptocurrency and Blockchain credentials to potential employers, academic institutions in the highly competitive environment of today’s job markets, and university admissions. The certification is administered online so participants can get all of the benefits of completing this course with the flexibility of their own time schedule. 


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Industry best practices for creating wealth in the highly volatile Crypto world and strategies for protecting your digital assets from getting hacked. 

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Here are a few extra bits we’ve put together to make sure you're in the best position to succeed and feel supported in the future too:

Crypto For Beginners

Cryptocurrencies have been called everything from the money of the future to an extremely risky asset. Thoughts and strategies about cryptocurrencies spread fast, primarily because cryptocurrencies are a complicated and unique technology that is also accessible.

This may leave you wondering if they should be investing in cryptocurrencies if they are safe, or how they even work.

Why Trade Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile assets. If you can time the market right, trading crypto can give you much higher returns than traditional investments. With cryptocurrency, the transaction cost is low to nothing at all—unlike, for example, the fee for transferring money from a digital wallet to a bank account. You can make transactions at any time of the day or night, and there are no limits on purchases and withdrawals.